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As catchy as the phrase might be, "Take Five" Entertainment was actually named after one of the most recognized jazz songs ever -"Take Five", made famous by legendary jazz musician, Dave Brubeck. Brubeck combined classic cool jazz with his unique style of improvisation. And that's who we are - classy, cool, and quick on our feet, adjusting to the flow of your timeline.

With a massive library of music and all five star reviews online, our DJs are frequently requested for events and weddings up to two years in advance. We set ourselves up for success with only the finest equipment available, using secure backup methods so that your event continues without a hitch. We acquire only top quality music files (not generic files ripped off the internet the day of your wedding).

We use the most innovative tools to help you create the perfect agenda and plan your evening and your song list well in advance.


We started fresh and it is our ambition to stay current and never become an outdated DJ company that doesn't meet your needs. We do not believe in being the center of attention at any event. As honored servants, we elevate our brides, grooms, and guests above ourselves. We strive to keep a very service oriented philosophy within our organization.

No cheese, just good clean fun, as the cliche goes. We don't make announcements that sound like you're at the Indy 500. We pride ourselves in being professional and interactive. While some lazy DJs never leave the table, we come out into your crowd to execute captains calls, MC toasts and speeches, introduce anniversary couples, and even teach an occasional dance.

We understand what a blessing it is to be a part of the most important day of your life, and we don't take this honor for granted. Our mission is to make every effort to create the best party you have ever been to, and will ever go to for the rest of your lives.

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